Indulge in Paulina and Sarah’s weekly conversations as they cover different topics in the world of co-parenting.


Episode 5: Let’s Party…No Bull$#&!

On Episode 5 Sarah and Paulina discuss the successes and failures of their attempts to host joint birthday parties for Sherika over the years and give their best tips on blending together to celebrate the birthday of your child(ren) in a positive, peaceful and fun way!


Episode 4: When Old Fights Kill New Flames

On Episode 4 Sarah and Paulina are discussing the dangerous way the negativity from co parenting “beef” can seep in and negatively impact any new relationships you are trying to build. Whether that be the bio mom who is trying to date again or the step mom trying to build a solid foundation with the child’s father, stewing in a toxic co parenting relationship can have affects far into the other realms of your life.


Episode 3: Say it to My Face…Not Facebook

On Episode 3 of You, Me & She’s Podcast Sarah and Paulina talking about why Twitter fingers should NOT turn to trigger fingers if you are trying to build a solid co parenting relationship.


Episode 2: Some Boundaries Are Made To Be Broken

In episode 2, Sarah and Paulina discuss how to establish healthy boundaries in a co parenting relationship and when to allow those boundaries to shift as your relationship grows.


Episode 1: Situationship of My Dream

In the first episode Paulina and Sarah introduce the You, Me & She Movement and give some insight on their personal journey in co parenting. They talk about the what the ideal co parenting relationship can look like.