CBC Ontario Morning sits down with You, Me and She co founders to talk top tips for dealing with complex family dynamics

You, Me & She co founders Paulina O’Kieffe and Sarah Drayton sat down with Wei Chen, host of CBC Ontario Morning to discuss their successful co parenting story and give some tips on how to achieve your own co parenting successes, particularly as the holidays are approaching.

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New website ‘You, Me and She’ offers tips for co parenting situations

By Kate McGillivray  -Originally posted on CBC News Dec 10th, 2016

A mother and stepmother who parent together are hoping to inspire other blended families to move past disagreements and create conflict-free spaces for their children.

After years of not getting along, Paulina O’Kieffe and Sarah Drayton managed to forgive each other and work together to raise Drayton’s biological child and O’Kieffe’s step-child, Sherika.

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Successful Situationships: Audrey and Whitney

Successful Situationships – 01 Audrey (Bio Mom) & Whitney (Step Mom)

When Audrey Nicole posted a heart-felt open letter to her daughter’s father’s girlfriend (Whitney McGraw) she didn’t expect that it would go viral and inspire thousands of people to re-asses and celebrate the relationship between bio moms and step moms- but it certainly has. The post which was shared on November 14th in the Facebook Page Love What Matter’s Most has already garnered 88K likes and over 3k comments. It reads:

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Why Alicia Keys’ New Song, Blended Family (What You Do For Love), is Our Official Co-Parenting Anthem

By Paulina O’Kieffe

First one. Than two.

Before I knew it I was busy wiping away several tears from my face upon what I can only accurately describe as experiencing Alicia Keys’ video for her new song Blended Family (What You Do For Love). The visuals, a powerful homage to the best case scenario in a co-parenting situationship, were only surpassed by the powerful words that, dare I say, may officially become the national anthem for blended families everywhere (it’s already a staple in my household).

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Finding Freedom and Friendship Through Forgiveness

By Paulina O’Kieffe

In the early stages of co-parenting with Sarah, things were tense to say the least. So much so that it actually took an effect on my mental health and sense of inner peace. My heart would literally race on Sundays at 7pm when I saw Sarah pull up in our driveway to pick up Sherika. I would have frequent nightmares about violent confrontations that may happen in future if one of us decided to stop holding our tongues on any particular day. All the pent up resentment, anger and anxiety would just unleash out into the open air and who knew if we would be able to come back from it; or more importantly if my step-daughter, Sherika could come back from it.

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You, Me & She: Curating A Community of Co-Parents

Welcome to You, Me & She, a new an exciting co-parenting movement inspired by our real life journey .

{Who Are We?}

Paulina O’Kieffe is a woman of many hustles and hats. She is also the proud mama of Eva (4) and Carlos Jr (2) and Step Mama to Sherika (10) whom she creatively co-parents with her partner Carlos (Sr) on the west side of Toronto. Paulina is a writer, performance artist and public speaker who has a deep passion for working in and connecting communities.

Sarah Drayton is the fun, fly and fashionable mother of AJ Jr (2) and Sherika (10) whom she successfully co-parents with her ex-partner Carlos and Paulina. Sarah is currently embarking on a number of projects including going back to school, curating You, Me & She as well as developing a clothing boutique with her best friend.

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