You, Me & She is co-parenting movement inspired by the real life journey of its founders, Paulina O’Kieffe and Sarah Drayton. As in a large number of co-parenting situations, the relationship began as a tension filled, combative, competitive and overly negative experience. However over time, Paulina and Sarah’s relationship improved, and went from frenemy to friendly. Many factors played a role in reshaping their co-parenting relationship and after checking their egos, they decided that personal peace was worth more than the brief highs of being petty.

For the last two years Paulina and Sarah have been able to open up, becoming more vulnerable to each other and worked to identify tools and techniques that continue to contribute to the co-parenting relationship they have built. This has had such a positive impact on not only the child they co-parent (a curious and creative 10 year old named Sherika), but also on their other children. Their story has also inspired many friends, aquaintances and even strangers who constantly ask for advice or suggestions on their own co-parenting matters.

Seeing the need for a community where co-parenting was defined beyond the stereotypical images of competitiveness, spite and drama as portrayed in many media narratives, Sarah and Paulina decided to create a new narrative; one rooted in support, empathy, understanding, friendship and a collective effort to raise children in the most positive and nurturing environment possible. With that vision in mind, You, Me & She was created.

Currently You, Me & She connects with the co-parenting community through our blogs, weekly podcasts and a book project scheduled to be released in 2017. We encourage you to look around, use the resources, join the conversation and begin your journey towards a a healthier and more successful co-parenting relationship.


You, Me & She